J.R.'s — where the elite meet
on the left, 40 yards up the left fork at Pichichi's as you leave the government dock
only a short walk from the town dock, but some prefer the Metro Rapid Transit just about opening time J.R., Dereni and Ada
Warp speed for J.R.'s. C'mon, open up! Wake up, J.R. — the bar's open
Let's dance! Christmas pig Davi hits the runway.
Strike up the band! Roast the pig! Davi heats up the runway.
Flute concert by Lucy. Miss Ellie from Sailor's Rest. bartenders in love
Flute concert by Lucy Miss Ellie heats up the dance floor. Yolki & Kenya
A tropical Christmas party J.R., Carl and Rick Lovely waitstaff.
— J.R. himself — Dereni and Ada