The following guidance comes after 25 years and well over 100 experiments anchoring in Luperón harbor with all sorts of different anchor types.

  1. Anchor where you will.
    Except for four shoals (see guidebook chartlet) the harbor is 12 to 22 ft. everywhere and it often runs deep along the mangroves.
  2. Boats point west toward the creek in the morning, and they may actually lie over their anchors.
  3. Set your anchor to the EASTERN trades. Use a scope that includes height of your bow over the water
    a) Lay the anchor flat on the bottom, shank and flukes pointing west, to set against the easterly trades. Don't let it move.
    b) Hand out a scope of 10:1 due west without putting any pull on the anchor at all -- never let it pull the chain out of the hawsepipe.
    c) Back gently down on it to get the "esses" out. Then use successively stronger pulls until you get up to half your horsepower
    d) Come back to 4:1 scope for chain, 7:1 for rode

Take a nap and wait the arrival of the Port Captain. But if you want to get going, dinghy in to the Comandáncia (see guidebook chartlet) with your papers. After processing by the Port Captain see Customs, Immigration, Ports Authority, etc. in the blue building at the foot of the government dock.

COMMUNICATIONS (contact/hailing channel is 68)
The telephone company, Codetel, is 2 blocks up Duarte on the left. (See street map in the guidebook.) Standby 24/7 on VHF Channel 68. Cruiser's Nets run on VHF 72 at 08:00 Sundays and Wednesdays after announcements on 68. NOTE: No chatter on Channel 68 -- contact or distress only!

At Codetel and tourist shops. You'll find an ATM further on, across the street from the police station.

Set your watch now to AST (EST+1Hr, GMT/UTC-4Hrs), the beginning of a great time in the DR!